Monday, March 2, 2009

As I spoke in the class last time, I guess some of you guys knows what it is. For those who doesn't know,

This one based on quote #9.
Since I am ESL speaker, many times I have to figure it out and understand what the native english speaker say (vice versa).
And this rule effect to any person that try to fit in in the new community, in order to communicate with other people one, they have to use language.
For me language is a puzzle, you have to know the formula of that language in order to communicate.

- 2 sided of puzzle. front and back side.
- 6 squares with each character 
- Put together 6 squares so it becomes word.
- There are 3 language words with 3 different colors
- Each word contain same typeface, color and size of the alphabets.
- Read left to right, top to bottom
Have Fun.

Pay attention with blue typeface.

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  1. i think you have a really fun idea going on here..
    i like it...